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At The States Chicken Coop , we provides American-made, built-to-order chicken coops with the highest quality and attention to detail.

The Benefits of a Large Chicken Coop

At The States Chicken Coops are a great way to house a large flock of chickens, or to make your life easier. Cleaning, feeding and watering your chickens is simple when you can walk into a chicken coop. This is why our variety of huge chicken coops have full-size doors, plenty of headroom, and are built for people as well as birds. Experience the difference of a walk-in chicken coop experience with a brand new large chicken coop of your own!

Our chicken coops are made from durable housing materials, not cheap wood and siding. These large chicken coops are absolutely built to last, with full-size pine wood studs, pressure treated legs and runners, and hardy siding material. We even use full-size 30-year architectural shingles on our coops.

Standard coop features include windows, vent lids, roosting bars, nesting boxes, a chicken door and bird ramp. There are also many upgrades, add-ons and accessories also available for your new coop. These include automatic chicken doors, light fixtures, material upgrades and more.


At The States Chicken Coops, it is our mission to empower you with self-sufficiency while making America’s backyards beautiful.

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